House with Heart Bead for DaVinci Inspirations® Jewelry

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House with Heart Bead for DaVinci Inspirations® Jewelry.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THE INSPIRATIONS LINE IS DIFFERENT THAN THE TRADITIONAL LINE.  The Beads are NOT interchangeable with the different lines.  When ordering the Inspirations Jewelry or Beads - only use with other INSPIRATIONS product.  If your item number begings with DBI (I for Inspiration) or is marked as Inpiration - you are good to go!

We are excited to introduce DaVinci Inspirations®, our new petite collection in the Charms of the DaVinci Line.  The petite size of the charms allows for an understated elegance that's ideal for layering, stacking, and pairing with other jewelry.  Like the full size DaVinci collection, DaVinci Inspirations® includes collectible beads and charms that can be combined on coordinated bracelets and necklaces for a fully custom look.  The delicate beads and charms of DaVinci Inspirations® are monochromatic, pairing a silver base with sparkling, white crystals for a classic look.  Be inspired to create something as unique as you with DaVinci Inspirations® and the Charming Bead Shop.

If you love the DaVinci beads you will love the NEW DaVinci Inspirations line! This line features a smaller more petite look. Choose a bracelet and then pick some beads to build the perfect look for you! The new dangle beads from the Inspirations line will also fit on the regular size bracelets from DaVinci. (The spacer beads will not fit on the regular size DaVinci, only the dangle beads)



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